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Review of APIS on deadformats

Excerpt: “Both excellent examples of AJ Lindner’s brand of drone. Recorded live earlier this year and definitely showcases the skill and restraint of the artist.”

Full review here:

APIS is available digitally or in limited 3″ format here:





cathartech - apis

Track 1 is the desk recording from the performance at enlighten cafe, 1/28/11, and track 2 is a multi track improvisation inspired by that performance.  Both feature field recordings of a swarming beehive in Twisp, WA and modular analog synthesis. Thanks to adc~ for the run.  Available for 5$ here.

CATHAR_001 and 002

Two 3″ cds containing live sets from Pillow Full of Drone 4 and a performance at the Josephine have been added to the Emporium

CATHAR_001 – Live recording at Pillow Full of Drone 4. Field recordings, manipulated biophony, contact mics and electronics


CATHAR_001 - Live at Pillow Full of Drone 4

CATHAR_002 – Live recording. Pure tone drones, high frequency pulsing, and noise walls.


CATHAR_002 - Live at the Josephine