Scoring work for “Fugue” completed

AJ Lindner has completed scoring, sound design and foley for the short film “Fugue’ directed by Justin Minich. The film has been submitted to numerous festivals and the sound track has been prepped for future release. More news as the film begins its public appearances.

Storefronts Multimedia Installation @ Former Chutney’s on Capitol Hill


As part of the city-wide Storefronts project, I have installed an AV work at the former Chutney’s restaurant on 15th Ave E.  This is an aleatoric work, revolving around a core of chance triggering of audio and video pieces which are in turn passed through one of many custom “algorithms du jour” to add a secondary level of chaotic modulation, the result being a generative multimedia onslaught of color, light and sound very much in line with my experimental sound project cathartech.

The source material consists of previous and newly created media work such as fully-fledged compositions, field recordings, performance-oriented videos and brainwave entrainment audio programs.  As the three months of this project progress, new audio, video and processing algorithms will continue to be added or modified ensuring that novel surrealist narratives arise to the surface visit after visit.

The audio portion of the work emits from 9am to midnight daily, while the video portion goes through its generative cycle in concert with the audio from 4:15pm to midnight

Presented by Storefronts, a program of Shunpike.


Hipster Death Fest 2012

Cathartech is on the lineup for this year’s Hipster Death Fest along with many other excellent performers.  Come and check it out…there’s something for all tastes (if your tastes include weird and heavy).


THREAT Presents:


OCT 17 – Night I @ THE MERCURY 1009 E Union St
21+/9:00/$5/no dress code
Sioux City Pete & The Beggars
Birthworm (members of adc~ & Pathogens)
Aurora Bridge (Cyrus’s Birthday! Party)
with DJ Mine CrawlOCT 18 – Night 2 @ PSYCHOMACHIA 1534 1st Ave S
8:00/$6-$12 donation
Winter In The Blood (OR)
Withering of Light (members of Aldebaran)
Cathartech (multi-media set)
Vanessa Skantze + Sisutl (butoh performance)

OCT 19 – Night 2 @ THE HIGHLINE Broadway Ave
Rye Wolves (OR)
Golgothan Sunrise (members of Lesbian & Sedna)
Wounded Giant
Eye of Nix
Shadows (Oly)

OCT 20 – Night 4 @ THE JOSEPHINE 608 NW 65th St
Pedestrian Deposit (CA)
Microscopic Suffering
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer
Mongrel Gods

OCT 21 – Psychedelic Brunch/pancake breakfast @ THE JOSEPHINE 608 NW 65th St
with Sentient Explosive
Pulling Out the Light
Quiet Things
the weirdest DJ’s we can find!
and more