AJ Lindner, aka cathartech

AJ Lindner is a sound and video artist, curator and promoter, and experimental music advocate hailing from Seattle, WA.

Over the past decade plus, he has performed frequently in the Pacific Northwest’s ‘difficult music’ circles with his psychology-influenced “brainwave entrainment-core” project, cathartech, and has composed for film and installations.  Internationally, his recordings have been distributed via various internet labels, streaming projects and physical media. His work has also extended to founding and curating the weekly experimental music showcase ‘No Tomorrow’ which ran weekly from 2005 – 2007.

He is currently involved in developing compositions for commercial release and further soundtrack and sound design for independent film. In 2012 he completed a successful west coast tour performance tour and was accepted to receive a grant by Storefronts Seattle/Shunpike to generate a public art installation involving sound and video for the City of Seattle.  In April of 2013, he was accepted into the artist-in-residence program Sonic Mmabolela, a field-recording and composing project based organized by Francisco López, held in the savannahs of South Africa.  He has also participated as the Primary Field Recording tech for the Rafael Anton Irisarri orchestrated Substrata Festival in 2012 and 2013.

Recently, he completed a soundtrack and foley work for Taco Cart Productions’ short film “Mysophobia”, and was brought on board to provide a soundtrack for “Fugue”, a short film produced by Justin Minich and funded via a successful Kickstarter campaign.