sonicmunitions provides offers introductory and intermediate classes.  If you are interested in delving into audio esoterica and behind-the-scenes tools and techniques, please inquire.

Field Recording 101

Learn both sound appreciation and locating techniques as well as how to properly use the tools of the trade in this 8 hour training session (4 hours classroom, 4 hours “in the field”) .  This is an excellent introduction for those looking to gather recordings for creative use, nature and soundscape recording, podcasts, and sound design purposes.

In this course you will learn about:

  • Sound physics basics
  • Microphone types and proper mic application
  • Recorder overviews and picking the right one for the job
  • Listening techniques
  • Encoding formats in the digital realm
  • Cleanup and editing techniques
  • Archiving strategies
  • How to apply your recordings

This class includes 4 hours of hands-on recording time in the field with a parabolic dish mic, binaural mic, hydrophone and multiple mic capsules.  Recordings are the property of the attendees.

$90 per person with a minimum class size of 5 people and maximum of 10.

To pre-register, please contact us here.


Analog Modular Synthesis 101

Looking to delve into the wiggly world of modular synthesis?  Take this 8 hour class to make sure you’re prepared to take the plunge and to help you get the most out of your investment.  Get a strong fundamental understanding of synthesis techniques and modular workflows along with hands-on time with several popular modules.  Emphasis will be on Eurorack format, however primary information is applicable to any format (including software modular synthesis).

  • Brief history of synthesizers
  • Synthesis fundamentals
  • Modular vs static/semi-modular/other
  • Available formats
  • “West coast” vs “East coast”
  • Patch design basics
  • Hands-on tutorials and labs
  • Manufacturer overview
  • Building strategies

$125 per person,  minimum class size is 5 people with a maximum of 10.

To pre-register, please contact us here.