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Reality Augmentation Sessions

quite a bit of cathartech coming up:

  • 9/25 with adc~, red squirrels, tba @ the ballard mine
  •  10/9 with pavonine, xisix, verity @ the ballard mine
  •  10/13 with Butoh performances by Danse Perdue, sounds by Orryelle Defenestrate-Bascule, Noisepoetnobody, Pulling Out the Light, Sisiutl ft. C. Bell, Seeing Red @ Teatro de la Psychomachia
  •  10/15 with Merdique, Noise Poet Nobody, Intisaar @ the Old Rainier Brewery
  • Plus some TBA in November and December.

Now accepting Bitcoin

Now accepting the alternative digital currency, Bitcoin, in exchange for downloads of cathartech generated media.  Skoria is the first track tradeable for BTC with more to be added soon.


Cathartech at The 17th Olympia Experimental Music Festival

The 17th Olympia Experimental Music Festival

Sponsored By KAOS 89.3 FM

June 10th-12th
The Northern-321 4th Ave.-Olympia
All shows start @ 7:00, $7 at door.

Now in it’s 17th year, The Olympia Experimental Music Festival has become a
fixture within the Olympia Arts & Music Community. The festival celebrates the
Pacific Northwest’s legacy of “left of center” music and audio/visual arts. It also
embraces a strong “DIY” ethic, and seeks to provide a stage for artists with similar
beliefs and practices. In the past there have been “high profile” artists within
the “experimental/avant” realm, but the festival also serves as a platform for those
who are relatively unknown within their respective genres.

And now for the line-up!

Friday June 10th: Paintings for Animals (Olympia, WA)
Big Tom the Lithuanian (Olympia, WA)
LA Lungs (Tacoma, WA)
Marlo Eggplant (Portland, OR)
Echos of Infiniti (Olympia, WA)
Four-Dimensional Nightmare (Olympia, WA)
Eurostache (San Francisco, CA)

Saturday June 11th: Wood Paneling (Olympia, WA)
Squim (Seattle, WA)
Violet (Olympia, WA)
The Dead Air Fresheners (I-5 Corridor)
Night Jar (Olympia, WA)
Pavonine (Austin, TX)

Sunday June 11th, 1pm @ The Legislative Rotunda (416 14th Ave SW):

Drone for Peace in the Key of F: Performed in a variety of U.S. cities, Drone for
Peace is a sonic ritual performed by local artists, exploring the key of F, aligning
to the Heart Chakra. Here performed in the rotunda of the Capitol’s Legislative
Building, it manifests as a small ensemble of string players and vocalists, and invites
all willing and interested participants from the Olympia community to collaborate
and contribute to global healing.
Sunday June 12th: A/V night featuring artists who incorporate visual projections

with live sound creation:

Devon Damonte (Olympia, WA)
Eric Ostrowski (Seattle, WA)
Mangled Bohemians (Portland, OR)
Forrest Friends (Seattle, WA)
Derek M. Johnson (Olympia, WA)
Cathartech (Seattle, WA)

Artist Eric Ostrowski will also curate a presentation of short films between
performances. To submit, please visit the following link:

Visit The Olympia Experimental Music Festival’s Facebook page, or contact Nathan
Markiewicz, Festival Director, at for further information.