An Audio Journey into the Rainforests of Mamori

 As many of you know, I’m participating in a project to raise funds for and to attend a sound-based artist residency that occurs in the Brazilian rainforest, in the area around Lake Mamori. It is curated and lead by sound artist and biologist Francisco Lopez. I was originally supposed to attend last year, however the program was shelved for 2010 due to lack of funding ( a result of the down economy).  This year, all invited particpants are banding together and using both traditional funding techniques and crowdsourcing so that we can make the Mamori Artlab a reality in 2011. Please take a moment to peruse our kickstarter site and our backer rewards, which should be of particular interest to sound enthusiasts, professionals and conservationists with the opportunity to acquire large amounts of raw, high quality recordings of rainforest atmosphere and biophony.